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Saturday Morning with Coffee and Chickens

July 4, 2015

It’s early, way early for my day off, but I usually have more things to do on my day off than I do when I am working.  Today is no different, well maybe just a little??  Today my father is moving pretty much around the corner from me.   He has already put his tools in my garage and made space for his Harley during the winter.

My father has been a hard man most of his life and we haven’t had the best of relationships, partly due to the lives we chose.  He has always lived in Sacramento as far as I can remember?  Me, I have run all over and have always come back to Sac.  Well through a series of events he decided to move and low and behold found a place nearby me.   During his stalking of the environment and tenants, he found something was a little shady, his neighbor was moving soon.  Let’s just say with further investigation my dad found out the manager was an ass, his decision, move in because nobody is a bigger ass than him.   Also, he said the deciding factor was living close to me he would always get a hot meal and eggs. He wouldn’t starve!   

These chickens in my life over the past several months have had a HUGE impact with me and everyone around me.  Believe it or not, I was a hard person to get to know too; especially if you were my kid or grand-kid.  It has taken years of work to become the person I am today, I still have a lot more work to do.  A year ago I added a Beagle named Snoopy in my life to teach me about unconditional LOVE, it worked.  Irene, my youngest, and I for a few years now have talked about raising chickens.  Then an old friend blessed us with 4 hens, a coop and enough feed to get us started; thanks Kristine!  

This has brought about such change in my life all around, so much that I am starting to tear up as I write this now.  Irene is Autistic and there isn’t much that she likes to do, but she LOVES being outside with those chickens.  She loves to compost, garden, gather eggs, go to Home Depot and of course the feed store!  She researches breeds, remedies, behaviors and everything else she can think of; let’s just say that is a lot.  We have become, in our minds, chicken experts and getting better every day.  We now have 15 hens of various ages and by next year will have eggs galore!  

This has brought my dad around, he is a miser and have you seen the price of eggs lately?  He makes his rounds once a week and saves me cartons, sometimes leaving them on the porch if I am not home.  OK, so at times I would buy eggs for my house just to make sure I had a dozen fresh eggs a week for him.  I used to never see my dad, ever, and we live in the same town.  Now he is moving around the corner!  My grandson Vinnie, my eldest son Niko’s child, has never really warmed up to me either.  I tell you I am or was very abrasive, OK maybe still just a bit.   Vinnie would cry the moment he saw me, practically stand by the door waiting to leave if he was not clinging for dear life to his parents at my house.  My eldest grandson Angel from my oldest daughter Marina couldn’t even break the ice with Vinnie at my house and that grandson loves me!   The very few times I watched Vinnie he cried the entire time, one time in his car seat which he dragged to the front door and fell asleep in crying for his parents.  We stopped trying to have him come over, it was too traumatic for him and everyone involved.

Well, now who do you think he loves?  I am not sure really if it is me or the chickens, but when asked he says, “grandma I love the CHICKENS and YOU,” in that order.   He now wants to stay over when he can, he calls to check on the chickens, he comes over to gather eggs.  This was not possible 6 months ago, no way!

My life is a journey, I am not sure where it will take me.  The kids are growing, the grandkids too and I am blessed that at this point no one is taking after me.  It is safe to say no matter where I land in the future, I will have Snoopy, my chickens and a huge dose of gratitude!

The Chicken Lady

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