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Hello My Name Is Christine….

I just wanted to slip a little note in with these gifts, I hope that is OK.  I hope you take the time to read it.  I tried really hard to get everything on your list, I think I did.  Not sure if they will give it all to you or split it among the other boys at the receiving home? I spoiled you as best as I could.  If I could have walked in and given it to you personally I would have, I would have loved to meet you.  Maybe one day I will?

I don’t know why you are there?  I don’t know at what age your life was turned upside down?  When you started to wonder why me?  Why am I here?  If you are thinking these things my heart goes out to you!  Just like it does to the boys I gave away.  The boys who I couldn’t hold it together for before they were even born.

I started picking Angels from the tree a few years ago, when I could afford to.  I choose the 16 year old boys, because he was 16 when I started.  When I was walking in the mall one day and saw all the Angels on the tree.  A 16 year old boy jumped out at me and I was compelled to pull his name.  So here I am writing a note at Christmas wishing you the best.

Hold on to this time!  Look around and make some lifelong friends!  It doesn’t have to be all bad.  I promise if you hold out and use this time to grow, to learn what you don’t want out of life and what you do, to use the system and take advantage of all that it has to offer your whole world will open up!  Look around, there is another 16 year old boy getting just as spoiled as you- two of you!  One with Jordans and one who chose simple Nike’s- you are my boys!  Merry Christmas wherever you are!  I hope you have had the best life!  It was all I could give you!  Life!

The Chicken Lady


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